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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Surprisingly Powerful Defence Against Influenza Viruses

It seems to me that it was well after 9:00 a.m. before I checked the time this morning and got myself out of bed.

I was by no means soundly sleeping, but I kept successfully getting further snatches of slumber and consequently did not become suspicious that the morning was advancing to that degree.

And considering that I probably had gone to bed well before 11:30 p.m. last night, it is most remarkable for me to gain that much time in bed at one stretch.

I could only pity my younger brother Mark ─ I would certainly have been in dreadful shape to have had to start a new working day in this reduced workweek.

I felt anxious, lonely, and somewhat downcast ─ all symptoms of the aftermath of the holiday drinking and fellowship.

It had been in my mind yesterday that I might do some local grocery shopping this morning; but as I feared would be the case, I didn't have the confidence to be going public.

Neither was I especially happy that my youngest stepson Poté had the day off work. I knew there was scant likelihood that we would be interacting, but I still preferred to have full solitude here at home.

At least I got back into the construction routine of a post at my Lawless Spirit website that I had skipped for the previous two days. It's going to be a close call whether or not I will have the post completed and published before the start of 2018.

I also performed four sets of pull-ups out in the backyard tool shed quite early in the afternoon ─ the last time I exercised there was December 23, but I only managed two sets and a partial third. My drinking had deprived me of my reserves of vigour and resolve.

It is quite awful feeling the loss of confidence that the hangover from several days of devoted drinking can bring on. For me, uncertainty and loneliness have always been part of the withdrawal process.

The weather was rather mild, and snowing very lightly. I think that the worst that was managed was a blanketing of the ground.

But temperatures were comparatively mild ─ we had been experiencing several days (and nights!) of frigid weather that was keeping the frozen snow around and making it unpleasant to be outside.

Perhaps we will be rid of most of this white stuff in a few days if the temperatures remain mild.

I previously wrote about rising Christmas morning and watching ─ all by myself ─ a dreadfully-acted Christmas movie called Beverly Hills Christmas

The description at that link is not absolutely clarid, for I believe that it is essential to know that the so-called "guardian angel" is actually the newly-killed mother of the arrogant and privileged  teen girl who needs the attitude adjustment before it is too late to divert her from the wrong path in life that she is presently following.

The actress portraying the mother on this quest to influence her daughter to change in just three or so days is Donna Spangler ─ someone unfamiliar to me.

Well, yesterday I did some research on her, and I became quite impressed with the 55-year-old.

The movie was released in 2015, so she would have probably been no younger than 52. I could see that she was an attractive blonde ─ almost platinum.

But she wore a loose pant suit (or so I remember), and as a result she held no especial appeal to me on the physical level.

Not so after some of yesterday's research! 

Here are a couple of photos that I found:

I will likely now remember the name of actress Donna Spangler. I suspect that she probably can act well, and the movie was just a chestnut for all concerned.

There is a Beverly Hills Christmas II released just this year that I might check out at some point.

Alright, I will leave this topic now and bring attention to something I read about yesterday ─ a discovery of what appears to be a means of overcoming the flu virus.

Or better yet ─ stopping the virus from establishing a presence and flourishing.

Since back in March, I have been fermenting my own vegetables. But I don't seem to do it exactly as most people seem to do, according to what I read.  

I love the juice from my fermented vegetables, so I use a lot of water. My vegetables are practically floating in it.

So when I use a ladle and help myself to a bowl of my fermented vegetables, I also ensure that I have lots of the juice with the vegetables, too.

Anyway ─ back to the means of fighting off the influenza virus.

Read about it here:


This was the reference given beneath the article, but which was not linked to:


Why people mindlessly go forth and submit to useless and potentially harmful influenza vaccines dismays me.

What I don't understand about the research was why heat-killed fermentation bacteria were used, and why the mice were not instead administered the live bacteria.

But perhaps it is not readily feasible to be keeping the bacteria live to use with something like a nasal spray.

Also, maybe mice aren't fussy about consuming fermented foods ─ I really don't know. 

For myself, I am more than ever delighted to be ingesting the living fermentation bacteria. I just hope that my vegetables contain sufficient populations of the specific bacterial types that lend this remarkable influenza protection.

But I want to finish up my description of my day.

It was a bit of a struggle not pouring myself a few ounces of straight spiced rum to help quell the insecurities that were thriving within me.

What I really wanted to do was tune in another Christmas movie and have the drink.

But I held off.

My younger brother Mark never arrived home until a couple or so minutes after 9:00 p.m. I could have watched such a movie had I known that he would be that late ─ I probably would have.

But the T.V. programming that I immersed myself into kept me involved and distracted from my frets and concerns.

And I never did access more than the pre-holiday can of strong (8% alcohol) beer that is my evening norm ─ I cannot afford much more than that.

After Mark retired to his bedroom for the night, I was soon to do the same to mine ─ well, after becoming engaged with some E-mails that had arrived in my Inbox.

Bedtime: 11:17 p.m.

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