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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day 2017

My wife Jack had stayed here overnight, as had Mark's girlfriend Bev.

Bev had been here since Christmas Eve, for Mark brought her over that morning to help prepare the Christmas dinner that we were to eat on Boxing Day.

Bev had to work today, so Mark took her away fairly early. Bev works in a bar or pub attached to a bowling alley. He didn't figure that it would be open until 11:00 a.m., but Bev wanted to go home first to ready herself for the day.

I had enjoyed Bev's company very, very much ─ it is so wonderful watching Christmas movies and enjoying drinks with her and Mark.

She and I shared a good, long hug just before she left, and I took these three gloomy photos of Mark's van heading away ─ the first photo was taken at 9:18 a.m., and the second two at 9:19 a.m.:

I should not have used my digital camera ─ my iPhone 5 takes far brighter photos.

Anyway, after Mark returned, he went back to bed.

Jack rose during that time, and went out to do some shopping. Apparently that included getting a couple packages of lottery scratch tickets ─ one each for Mark and for Bev.

I didn't realize that she had anything like that in mind, for she evidently did not realize that Bev was no longer here.

Mark had risen before Jack was back. She was clearly disappointed when she approached him in his lounge chair in the living room to turn over the two gifts to him, learning then that Bev was gone.

It will be up to Mark to turn Bev's lottery pack over to her.

Jack was to leave us around 2:30 p.m. to return to Vancouver where she spends most of her week. I had not really expected that she would be leaving so soon.

When I went outside with her to see her off, we shared a hug, and it hurt a little when she correctly made her farewell by declaring, "See you next year."

In other words, she will probably not be back until next Tuesday.

Unlike me, she has access to many friends and thus potential New Year's Eve parties, I am sure.

I am nurturing the hope that Mark will invite Bev to spend New Year's Eve here, for she truly does brighten the mood. The evening won't be as cheery if there are only Mark and I sitting here watching T.V. that evening while we drink.

But we shall see.

I was unable to appreciate Jack's departure as much as I had intended, for before she had started to back out of the open-sided carport, a former neighbour had appeared to come over and talk with me.

It was nice having the chat with the guy, but I much more wanted to make a better good-bye with Jack ─ maybe even get a photo of her.

When I came back into the house, Mark had gone back to bed yet again. He was going to be heading off to the bar, so I expect that he wanted to gain as much lost rest as possible.

As Boxing Day wore on after Mark left for the afternoon, I found it necessary to start enjoying some jolts of the spiced rum he had given me Christmas Day. It was necessary in order to stave off the blues that were threatening to possess me after drinking steadily for the past few days in the precious company of others.

I was lonely, and feeling it.

Certainly since December 23 I have had a number of cans of beer. But in that time I have additionally polished off a 1.14-litre bottle of spiced rum (Captain Morgan); and I am about halfway through the 1.75-litre bottle that Mark gave me for Christmas.

The first bottle had been a birthday present I was given by Mark this past October, but I had saved it and never opened it until the evening of December 23.

So yes, I needed to keep my blood alcohol levels up.

When Mark got home from the bar in the evening, he kept himself under control, for he was feeling the rigours of his own essential four-day drunk.

After all, he would have to work the next morning after having those four days off.

He retired to his bedroom for the night around 10:30 p.m. I probably was in my own bed a half-hour later.

Google commemorated both Christmas Day and Boxing Day with a special collage each from photos in Google Plus albums that I have online.

This is the collage for Christmas Day ─ the collage is comprised of photos that were taken back on December 25, 2011:

The left column features two photos of Jack's oldest son Tho, although you can see some of younger son Poté at the right in both photos:

And of course, Jack is central in both of the photos in the right column:

The Boxing Day collage comprises photos taken back on Boxing Day 2008:

So let's check out the originals, beginning with the left column again. From the left on our backyard sundeck, the first photo portrays Mark's daughter Rene (Irene); me in the red Kangol; Tho; and Poté, kneeling in the snow:

A view into the same direction, but zooming upward somewhat at the trees beyond:

Now in the second column, everyone is standing in the driveway with the open-sided carport just beyond us ─ me; Tho and Poté; Mark; and Rene:

Mark's daughter Rene (Irene) on the backyard sundeck, catching snowflakes with her mouth:

I wish that Jack had been in the collage. She still loved me very much back in 2008 ─ I was still working and had not yet lost all of her respect.

This is making me feel somewhat heartsick, so I think I will stop today's post here.

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