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Saturday, December 16, 2017

How Do Beer, Wine, and Liquor Each Affect You?

Something has been dreadfully amiss the past two evenings where the various Kodi applications or add-ons are concerned that I use for sources to watch T.V. shows.

Last evening, I spent over an hour unsuccessfully trying to find a workable link for The Voice or Supernatural ─ a link to a source that was not almost immediately buffering.

I couldn't pick up The Ranch, either.

The only show I finally did get tuned in and watched was the double-episode of Fear the Walking Dead that opened up the series following its mid-season hiatus earlier this year.

But in order to watch it, I had to sit in silence for 20 or so minutes while it slowly buffered through what I interpret was a slow download of the data into our Android TV Box ─ some shows provided by certain links seems to need to do this in order to have them play all the way through without any buffering interruptions.

So today, I finally broke down and investigated the installation of a programme called Terrarium that is an alternative to Kodi. According to my younger brother Mark who brought the information home to me several days ago, the guy who told him of it said that he never experiences buffering issues.

I had resisted installing the programme into our Android TV Box because it's an older model ─ version 4 (point something or other). The Box already seems to be overloaded with too many add-ons and such.

But after spending over an hour last night without finding any decent links to the episodes that I wanted to watch, I was desperate to avoid that experience again.

I used a quarter-hour YouTube video as my guide for getting Terrarium installed.

It took a fair number of sectional replays, and numerous hikes up and down the stairs to get from the T.V. in the living room to my computer here upstairs, but I seem to have gotten the job done. I gave the episode of Supernatural that I tried unsuccessfully to see last evening a try, and it seems that I will be able to access it now.

Also last evening, I was taken aback with wonderful surprise when my eldest stepson Tho came to me upstairs and proffered a dozen cans of the strong (8% alcohol) beer that I keep in stock.

Apparently he had intended a half-dozen for Mark, but Mark doesn't care for the strong stuff ─ he swills so much beer away from home that by the time he is here for the evening, putting down three or so of these quite hammers him.

So the expectation is that I am to substitute a half-dozen milder beers that I will have to buy for him.

It will still be a savings or deal for me, though.

I had three cans of the strong beer last evening, but I started on them late and ended up imbibing them too near to one another.

I had a hangover overnight, and felt very rough this morning. I don't remember when I got to bed last night, but I am sure that it was likely after midnight.

I also do not recall when it was that I started my day this morning, but it was certainly after 7:00 a.m. At the time, I had no doubt that I would be seeking a nap once I had completed the morning's assignment of content supply to the post I am constructing at Siam-Longings, one of my six hosted websites.

However, I first got embroiled in getting that Terrarium programme installed on our Android TV Box. That took so very long that by the time I was done, I had essentially healed from my hangover, and I did not feel too much more tired than I normally would have.

I even went out and got the daily pull-ups out of the way that I try to engage each afternoon in the backyard tool shed.

The day is heavily overcast, and it is obvious that some rain may be possible at any time.

My brother Mark has a company Christmas party he is going to check out in Langley somewhere ─ the event has a 5:00 p.m. start time.

He is only going as a social gesture, for he doubts that there will be drink provided. Besides, even if there is free drink, it is too risky trying to get back here to the Whalley area after any kind of partying.

I should have the evening with the T.V. to myself, for Mark usually spends Saturday nights at the residence of his girlfriend Bev.

That will mean a Christmas movie for me!


Two evenings ago, I forwarded the following E-mail under the heading Russia's Berezka Ensemble.

Note that I am only going to link to the three YouTube videos it contained, instead of embedding them. It annoys me no end how YouTube will get a complaint ─ copyright-associated ─ about one of its videos, and then have the video disabled.

For those of us who had gone and embedded the video before such a disabling has taken place, we are left with a worthless, non-playable image instead of the embedded video we wanted to feature.

And of course, we have no idea that this has happened unless we go to the bother of constantly reviewing old posts.

So I am cutting back on video embeds.

Sure, the link won't be valid either if a video gets disabled, but at least I don't have that glaring visual that is little more than me with 'egg on my face.'

Here's the message I forwarded:
I know some people will find this boring, but these dancers ─ the first group of which was formed in 1948 by choreographer Nadezhda Nadezhdina ─ have perfected what is referred to as a floating or sliding step. 
They always seem to somehow just be gliding around the stage floor instead of moving their feet. 
Each dancer almost resembles a miniature you might see in a wind-up music box or else appearing out of an old fashioned cuckoo clock.
Their originator (Nadezhda Nadezhdina) died on October 11, 1979 at the age of 71. 
This particular dance performance is (I think) the Little Birch Tree, and the group is sometimes referred to as the Birch, the Birch Tree, or even the Little Birch Tree ensemble group. 
If you want more, there is an old 'black & white' recording of an earlier incarnation of the group that was filmed in 1960, and which even features the dancers singing: Beriozka 1960
Also from 1960, there was a Russian movie (in colour) titled ─ in English ─ Maiden Spring that featured a more polished performance by the group: Fragment from the film "Maiden Spring", 1960
They're certainly beautiful!

My somewhat ill aftermath of last evening's consumption of those three cans of strong beer in such short order notwithstanding, I want to bring your attention now to a study or review of how the different kinds of alcoholic drinks affect the moods of drinkers.

These reports tell of the investigation:




If I drink beer very slowly for a long period of time, then I do tend to feel very pleasant, as a rule.

Wine and liquor hit quicker and harder ─ a person has to be able to rigorously distance him- or herself from becoming overcome by the alcohol in the drinks being taken.

Not everyone has that talent. Folks accustomed to drinking lots of beer will too often treat wine similarly, and as a consequence get blasted before they know it.

I know that liquor will smite me with a fast, hard punch. But sometimes, that is what may be desired. And for that reason, bad emotion is already behind the reason for drinking it.

Very often in T.V. shows and movies when somebody wants to lose themselves in drink, it will be hard liquor that they'll be taking shots of in very short order.

So I think it's unfair to blame the liquor for causing aggressiveness or tearfulness.

I just know that I probably won't be having three cans of strong beer this evening, unless I stretch out the drinking timeline.

I now want to take the time to post the following scan of a photo:

I have no details on the photo, but I am quite sure that it was taken by either my mother Irene Dorosh or her husband Alex during a chartered bus tour that included Yellowstone National Park.

In previous blog posts, I included companion images clearly taken on that same journey ─ here are some examples:

My evening of T.V. approaches, so I am going to close out now with this old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street, and no more than two houses up from Third Avenue.

I had quite recently broken up with my now-former girlfriend, 20-year-old Melody St. Jean. She was involved with Chris, a young co-worker of my brother Mark.

Also worth mentioning is the upcoming marriage in two days' time of my maternal cousin Bruce Halverson ─ I was to be his best man. 

The previous day's journal entry got no farther than explaining that I was leaving my room at 10:20 a.m. to hike out to my younger brother Mark's duplex unit which I believe was just a short distance along Semiahmoo Road from where it joins Old Yale road in Surrey.

He would have been at work at that point in the day ─ a Wednesday; but I knew how to gain entry to his suite.

Since I never wrote anything further that day, I probably spent the night there. This journal entry for the following day should explain, starting off with the happenings of Wednesday after I had forsaken my room for the day.
THURSDAY, December 16, 1976

I was extremely tired last night at Mark's.

I lost the Western Express [Lottery].

Mark & I went to the Scottsdale Mall to see about Bruce's wedding gift and a pair of pants for me, but nothing was procured.

Garry Porteous saw us in Zeller's [sic], so we joined him and Cathy for coffee in Smitty's. They are expecting us tonight for a drink at their place.

Next Mark & I went to Hometown [I wonder if I meant Home Hardware?] and bought a slow cooker and a silverware set for the wedding; I owe Mark about $8 on it.

He suggested we have a couple beer, so I chose the Dell [Hotel in Whalley; the hotel no longer exists].

We saw the stripper twice and were on our fifth beer when, to my surprise, Melody & Chris walked in and saw us.

We drank till close to midnight. Melody didn't want us to quit, but the guys do rise early.

I am thoroughly convinced I could again have her if I were solvent.

Anyway, I blew $5. I now have $20, and must buy pants as well as pay Mark his $8.

Too, I've yet to give him $15 toward the work boots he wants for Christmas.


I slept very badly, worrying about my immediate future. My unemployment insurance is about done, and I have no security.

I came into town with Mark this morning, of course, and will bed down a while at 7:50 a.m.


I got up at 9:30 a.m.

A letter came here today from Manpower [Department of Manpower and Immigration, the federal entity responsible for Unemployment Insurance and unemployment in general] asking if I required help still; I'll mail the affirmative today.

I also took my card to the unemployment, seeing Esther [St. Jean ─ Melody's mother] searching for an Ash address just above 3rd Ave.  

Too, I visited Manpower, and even vainly made a small search for fitting pants for the wedding.

Coming home, I again saw Esther, heading down 8th St just below my avenue; she honked this time.

Incidentally, I believe I next go to the unemployment ─ perhaps for the last time ─ January 4.

I next sought Union Jacks & Jeans to discover it was gone; so I visited Woodward's.

As nothing possible was under $20, I bused out to Union Jacks & Jeans and its neighbour, Simpson-Sears.


I came back to Woodward's, and in the bargain section bought a light pair of Howick jeans which need shortening; and I have $10 left from my $20. After paying Mark, I'll have $2, $1 of which is owed on tithe.

I am joyous to hear there will be no postal strike this Christmas.

When I go to Mark's, I shall take the comics I forgot yesterday.

I'm also going to take that 25 lb sack of whole wheat flour I bought for mom a couple weeks ago; I'll get Mark to stop at Alex' on our way to Garry's, dropping it off and collecting any mail.

I'm leaving 4:45 p.m.
Garry Porteous was Mark's best friend from his elementary school years. I miss the guy; but for some darned reason, the two of them drifted apart after being friends for maybe three decades. 

Cathy or Kathy was Garry's girlfriend; and I think that the twain did eventually marry, but that didn't last.

I wonder whatever became of the Union Jacks & Jeans franchise? I don't know where the outlet was that I bused to ─ maybe near where Metrotown is today?

I should have searched Woodward's better. It was located on Sixth Avenue where today the Royal City Centre Mall is ─ about three blocks uphill from where I was living.

I can't say that I remember anything of a Howick brand of jeans.

Believe it or not, I would have walked to Mark's duplex unit out in Surrey carrying that 25-pound bag of flour! But whether I used a pack, or a duffel bag or something, I now do not know.

I miss being young, but not the great uncertainties where my future was always concerned.

By the way, I never did seek a nap today.

Also...I had to text my wife Jack that she will have to bail us out by next Friday, for we'll be nearly $400 too short on the monthly mortgage debit that will be hitting our chequing account.

Christmas expenditures on my part are behind that large deficit.

My monthly pension is never sufficient.

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