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Friday, December 15, 2017

💀 ☠ 💀 Not a Friday I Intended

Last evening was my second consecutive to find me getting to bed ahead of 11:00 p.m. ─ this time, I think it was no later than 10:54 p.m.

Naturally, my sleep was quite broken overnight. I may even have risen once to use the bathroom, although I do have some question about that.

I recall checking the time around 5:00 a.m. and resolving to give another shot at eking out a little further sleep.

Nevertheless, it was with considerable surprise when next I checked the time and saw it to be 7:20 a.m. Somehow, I had managed to exceed eight hours in the sack ─ a rare feat for me.

My younger brother Mark and my eldest stepson Tho had both gone to work well before, but youngest stepson Poté was still in bed. He had been away in his girlfriend's car last evening and was still not home when I went to bed.

But he had to work today. After he eventually got up, I believe that it was around 9:45 a.m. when he left here to drive to the job over in Guildford Town Centre.

I met the morning's assignment of content supply at the post I am amassing at Siam-Longings, one of my six hosted websites.

And then it was time to round up the monthly expenses reconciliation cheque that my brother Mark had given me earlier in the week ─ I signed it, for I want to get out and deposit it at the Coast Capital Savings ATM over by the King George SkyTrain Station about a mile or so away.

From there, I will walk over to Surrey Place (Central City) to buy three $30 lottery scratch ticket packs ─ Christmas gifts that I cannot really afford.

I also have a credit card bill payment that I will mail there.

And then I'll hike the mile back to home.

We've had a little light rain, and the day is solidly overcast. The stretch of rather sunny days ended with yesterday.

It is 12:20 p.m. as I type these words ─ later than I normally like to leave home on one of these expeditions. But I had found myself flagging, so I ate a slice of banana bread with a little natural peanut butter and then fixed up a fairly concentrated instant coffee.

Why is it virtually impossible to eat a slice of banana bread with peanut butter spread overtop without having the stuff ─ no matter how thoroughly masticated ─ threaten to get stuck in one's esophagus? It's not often I can get through such a snack without resorting to a drink of something to force down the blockage.

Anyway, one good thing came of me being home so late ─ I was here to answer the door when a postie rang the bell to deliver a package that my youngest stepson Poté had ordered from somewhere.

Now Poté won't have to visit some outlying postal station to pick up the parcel in person.


Well, I got the errand accomplished, leaving here at something like 12:46 p.m., and arriving back home at 1:42 p.m.

The rain ─ such as it was ─ presented itself as such a light mist, it was not easily perceptible to view; and not at at all a wetting threat to anyone, even though all is wet out there.

Once I was back home, I did work myself up into enough vigour to tackle some pull-ups out in the backyard shed.

But thereafter I sadly found it needful to sordidly expend far too much of the afternoon. It is in fact now 4:59 p.m. as I type these words, so I have very little time remaining to blog.

One thing I want to do is post a few photos.

Yesterday I told of how I purchased a string of 100 indoor mini-lights to string above our living room window, doing so with a wavy effect.

All we had was one relatively short string of lights with a number of burnouts, which I stretched across potted plants that we have on the floor below the window.

I took three photos with my iPhone 5 yesterday, and thought that would do it. But when I checked them this afternoon, I found that only one photo did not have a glare washing out much of the view.

So this was the only photo from yesterday that was any good:

The two shots that essentially failed were taken from either side ─ I redid those angles today with far better results:

Now keep in mind that the living room had no lighting beyond those Christmas lights, so the iPhone 5 has pulled in so much lighting that one would think that the living room light was on.

I wanted a darker view, so I brought out my Canon PowerShot SD880 IS.

Unfortunately, the first shot had the flash feature kick in:

Sure, the overall effect is darker, but so are the Christmas lights ─ much darker! In fact, they've been nearly dimmed out.

I figured out how to remove the flash feature, and got better results:

The room is exceptionally lovely when those lights are the sole illumination ─ I love sitting in there watching T.V. that way.

My younger brother Mark, however, seems to think that the world wants to peep in at him. As soon as he comes into the living room, he has to shut the curtains.

This blocks off from our view the two illuminated figures (a frolicking Santa and Rudolph) affixed to the inside of the window; and it creates a brighter overall effect to the living room from the bit of reflective lighting that is then created by the off-white blinds.

They reflect any light almost as much as would a white wall.

Heck, if anyone was standing outside on the lawn getting his (or her) jollies from ogling my 65-year-old brother, they would be as obvious to us in the darkened living room as we would be to whomever might be standing on the lawn.

Actually, someone outside might be more apparent, for the lighting from the street lights in the cul-de-sac we live in helps reveal the front yard.

It is another reason I enjoy my Saturday evenings when Mark generally spends those nights at the home of his girlfriend Bev. I get to keep the blinds open and retain a view of anything that might be going on out there in the night as I watch T.V.

I wanted to get into a couple of health-related topics, but the time is not present to allow it.

I will at least leave you with an illuminating article with a self-explanatory title ─ if that cancer relationship sugar has is news to you, then please have a look at the article:


I am unsure why the relationship was not indicated in that title far more strongly than just by labeling it a mere 'link.'

I have to close this post ─ I want to get in a quick bath before the evening's T.V. entertainment is upon me, and it is already after 6:00 p.m. now.

So, here to taper off with is a short journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street, and not more than two houses up from Third Avenue.

I had gotten involved in drinking the evening before in the King Edward Hotel down on Columbia Street with my old friend William Alan Gill and my newly ex-girlfriend, 20-year-old Melody St. Jean.

She was actually staying in Bill's apartment ─ she had been for six or more weeks by this point. She and her furniture had moved in because of course my room was too small even for just her; also, she and Bill intended to find accommodation where all three of us could live.

I didn't have a phone or car, but Bill did.

However, Melody and I broke up ─ and just in time, I have to say now.

Anyway, I never got to bed the night before this journal entry until 1:30 a.m.

Note that in three more days beyond this journal entry, my maternal cousin Bruce Halverson was going to be married ─ and I was to be his best man. 
WEDNESDAY, December 15, 1976

I arose at 8:00 a.m.

I sure would love to win today's lottery and be free of my binging, money concerns, and frets of however to keep Melody did I again try for her.

I did my laundry this overcast morn.

I feel so dragged out, I think I'll just go to Mark's and do my exercising there; I might not have the drive otherwise, nor the strength to walk.

Naturally, I'll take my pouch of 5 Western Express [Lottery] tickets.

I'll leave here about 10:20 a.m. with some comics I'll pass on to Bruce Friday (I got them from Al Varga).

Melody noticed and pointed out Mike Schutz to me last night in the hotel; he was too far from us to recognize us. After being left alone, Bill & I went up to room 218 to see David Prince, but we got no response.
I laundered at a laundromat up on Sixth Avenue and very near to the public library.

My younger brother Mark was living in a duplex unit that I believe was located a short distance along Semiahmoo Road from Old Yale Road out in Surrey. I would be walking there.

He would have been at work, so I would have enjoyed the freedom to exercise there if I felt up to it.

Al Varga and his wife Marie lived in an apartment in New Westminster. I had gotten to know them through my relatives the Halversons.

The King Edward Hotel is no more, but it had a beer parlour (or pub) that largely catered to an older crowd, I would say.

Mike Schutz was a very tall chap my age ─ I regret that I was never able to keep in touch with him when I moved out of New Westminster. I liked the guy quite a lot.

I had forgotten that my old friend Philip David Prince was temporarily living in that hotel. I had known David since Grade VIII (the school term of 1962 - 1963) at Newton Junior High School out in Surrey.

That school is no more, either.

Neither is David. I miss him.

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