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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Importance of a Healthy Oral Microbiota │ Reminiscing

Late last afternoon ─ maybe 5:30 p.m. ─ I poured myself two or three ounces of spiced rum and tuned in Christmas in Homestead.

I liked it! It was my kind of Christmas movie.

I even poured a second helping of the spiced rum, and once the show finished, I tuned in a second Christmas movie.

I won't name it, for I didn't like it as much as the first. But I can place much of the blame for that upon the arrival home from the bar of my miserable younger brother Mark who spoiled the final third of the production.

I think that I may even have had a little more spiced rum, but never progressed beyond that. I didn't even have my allotted can of strong (8% alcohol) beer.

After the movie I tuned in a couple of episodes of regular T.V. shows, and then got fed up with Mark's snarling attitude that seems designed to heap censure upon me for all things TV Android Box ─ a device I now doubt that he could operate without a tutorial, for the duty has been mine for the past year. 

When he railed at me to just tune over to a regular T.V. news station, I did so and promptly removed myself and came upstairs to begin the process of readying for bed.

He didn't sit downstairs too long by himself, and actually headed for his own bedroom, offering me a "good-night" while I was involved in the bathroom.

I suppose we were both in our beds by maybe 11:30 p.m.

My night was one of fractured sleep and lots of dreaming, but it was well after 7:00 a.m. when I checked the time and rose for the morning. It's possible I was in bed around eight hours.

Mark managed to approach 10:00 a.m. before he rose for the morning.

I have been working on a post at Lawless Spirit that I badly want to have finished and published by tomorrow ─ the final day of December and the entire year.

I put in two mornings of work on the post before quitting a little ahead of noon. Tomorrow morning, I will do a final scouring of Web content to add to it, and if I do not find an overwhelming amount of material, then I may get the job done and publish the post.

There is still a little snow out there on the ground ─ our two days of rain never quite washed it away. But there is no hope of rain for the next several days, and today there was a fair amount of sunshine. Thus, we will probably have a frosty night and maybe a colder day tomorrow.

Around 12:18 p.m. I found myself back in bed for a nap, and even though my nap was fractured, and marked with drooling and dreams, I was a little surprised to check the time and see that it was 1:26 p.m. ─ I could easily have lain there longer.

I rose to find that Mark was shut up in his own bedroom.

I wanted to get in my afternoon's four sets of pull-ups, so to help generate the enthusiasm and find the energy, I fixed up one final hot beverage and tuned in an episode of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge

Mark came downstairs about halfway through it, but he wasn't interested in hanging around home; and so he dressed to head out and soon smartly bade me a farewell.

I finished watching the episode, and then went out to the backyard tool shed and performed the pull-ups.

Note that my youngest stepson Poté had driven off somewhere before Mark had come downstairs; and after Mark left, my eldest stepson Tho headed away on foot ─ probably to the gym he is a member of around four blocks away.

So I found myself home alone.

Will Mark show up this evening, or spend the night (as he usually does on Saturday nights) at the home of his girlfriend Bev?

I hope the latter.

It would be a different matter if he brought Bev here ─ and while they were both in reasonable condition. I enjoy her companionship for watching movies and drinking.

Time will tell.

Google notified me today that it created a collage from some photos I have in a Google Plus album ─ the collage celebrates or commemorates this day six years ago in 2011:

My wife Jack and I had joined friends of hers in the evening at a now-closed nightclub here in Surrey called Mirage, and we were there into the very early hours of December 31. I would be surprised if some of the photos were not actually from then. 

Anyway, here are the original photos, beginning with the left column.

In this first photo, my wife Jack is in the wine-coloured dress; Fanta has her back to the camera; and Bee is to the right:

The second photo reveals Scott dancing with his wife Fanta:

I am unable to identify the woman just beyond my wife Jack and Fanta in this third photo:

Now to the second column, the first has me (in the red Kangol cap) with the unidentifiable woman just in front of me, while Bee is to the left and my wife Jack to the right:

And finally, my wife Jack, Fanta, and the unidentifiable woman again:

I didn't want to go to that place. I hated the line-up and expected cover charge to get in, and I knew that I had no business buying myself drinks at the prices that would be getting levied.

So I only had one or two drinks all bloody night long, and consequently had very little fun.

I wouldn't be able to find the place without a map, but apparently its address was 15330 102-A Avenue

Turning now to a different topic, I never had a chance to brush my teeth last evening, and I will be doing so for the first time later this evening.

So...it will have been 48 hours between brushings. And I will be using coconut oil ─ I spend about 15 minutes at the chore.

We are learning more and more about the supreme importance of having the proper populations of microbiota in and upon us, and this extends to our mouths.

If this is rather new to you, then this article should prove rather interesting and informative:


I am not contending that the state of my mouth is healthy by what I do ─ I have no idea. It was just my lead-in to the topic.

Okay, I want to get this post over with so that I can have a bath, and then get a start on at least one Christmas movie in case my brother Mark does show up this evening, so here to close with is an old journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street, and not more than two houses up from Third Avenue.

The previous day's journal entry ended with me writing that I was leaving my room at 1:25 p.m. to hike out to where my brother Mark was living in a duplex unit that I think was located just a short distance along Semiahmoo Road from where it abuts Old Yale Road.

Mark was working an afternoon / evening shift that week, so he would not be home; but I had access to his suite.

This new journal entry will undoubtedly offer some updating for the previous day, since I obviously never made it back to my room to write aught more.
THURSDAY, December 30, 1976

All I bought in Whalley yesterday was granola.

I lost the Western Express Lottery, though I had B-03 22603 in place of the winning C-03 49613, a near miss for $25; I had 11 tickets altogether.

During the 5:30 - 6 ᴘᴍ program, Cathy [Catherine Jeanette Gunther, Mark's ex-girlfriend of several years] phoned long distance for Mark; good thing for him he was working.

Note: on my way to his place as I had nearly crossed the bridge, I waved and caught Esther's [Esther St. Jean, mother to my recent ex-girlfriend Melody] attention as she headed for town.

Around 7:15 p.m. there came some knockings smacking of Bill [William Alan Gill, my old friend who was renting an apartment about four or so blocks from my room]; but it was Melody!

Bill was in the car; they'd gone to view a house, and she came to see if I wanted to go beering. I didn't, but I went anyway, being a sucker for her company.

We went to the Dell [Hotel].

I guess all she did was think about Chris [her new boyfriend].

He wants her to move into his parents' home with him for January, or else into her own parents' home.

[Melody and her furniture were in Bill's apartment, and had been for nearly two months ─ back when she and I were still together. The plan back then was that she and Bill would find somewhere that all three of us could live. And then she became involved with Chris, and she and I broke up.]

She wants to do neither; if she goes with Bill though, Chris has threatened to drop her, she said. Bill hasn't the money to move on his own. [Bill was being evicted and had to be out by the end of the month.]  

Anyway, I blew my last $4.

Just after 11:00 p.m., I guess, Chris showed up; he'd been looking for her, having taken the last half of his shift off.

She nonchalantly got herself excused, though she made a wry face to me in reference to the guy as they left.

Bill & I waited not a moment more.

Melody & Chris may be going to a New Year's Eve party Margaret Wieb is giving.

Damn it, I wish I could win money! The Provincial Lottery is on tomorrow, so maybe....

Last night Bill stayed at Mark's a bit after driving me there. He left, and then so did I, afoot, just past midnight.

Here, I set my alarm at 5 ᴀᴍ so I could go jogging again; but as I retired about 1:25 ᴀᴍ, during the night I thought better of it and killed the thing. 


I arose this morn about 9:30 a.m., poorly slept, actually.

I'm heading for mom's by 11:45 a.m. at latest; make that 11:50 a.m.

Alex [Alex Dorosh, my mother Irene's husband] was there again. So was Phyllis [my older maternal half-sister].

My pre-meal weight was about 188. I guess all my walking is paying off.

My Loto Canada ticket for March 13 from the B.C. Wildlife Federation was my only mail.

Mom said Sandy [wife to my maternal cousin Randy Halverson] told her Bruce [Randy's second-youngest brother] was to be discharged today (Bill later confirmed his release). [Bruce had been in the hospital due to a clot at his brain.]

About 3:15 p.m. I set off for Mark's, but arrived too late to see him before he left for work.

The tendons in my arches ─ especially my right ─ are bothering me some (Wednesday a.m. I jogged 4 laps on my toes).

Wishing to watch 79 AD, a Brad Harris movie about gladiators, I decided it sensible to get some sleep; it didn't start till 2:15 ᴀᴍ.

However, I couldn't seem to sleep. I tried from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. before giving up.

I left for home at 11:00 p.m.

During the course of the evening [at Mark's suite], dad phoned me 3 times, each time drunker. 

The first was to say he & Marie [Maria Fadden, his girlfriend] were going to Bellingham tomorrow to visit her relatives; he sounded sober.

The second time he called from the Four Seasons, wanting to send a cab for me to pick up a couple cases of beer, and offering to buy me any supper I wanted; I could even get back to Mark's before he, by cab; I declined. 

The third call was a guilt trip; it was my fault he was drunk and in danger of his life and nearly broke cause I never came.

Bill also phoned me 3 times. 

He'd tried several times to get Melody to set him straight about what they were going to do about his move tomorrow, but she was always too otherwise occupied to talk (she was at her parents').

Finally, he was told she had gone on a late moving job with Esther.

Bill said he was giving up, and going over to Nell's [my maternal Aunt Nell Halveron]; everyone was drinking.

Mom said Colleen & Dale [Nell's oldest daughter and the husband] and Joey & Eva (Duck's sister) [Duck was the nickname for Don Fraser] were expected this weekend.

Bed 12:50 a.m.

Note: I mailed a note to Norman [Norman Richard Dearing, my old friend who was living upcountry] giving him Mark's phone number and address so he can find me easier when next he comes.
I had no phone at my room.

This took far too darned long to type out ─ I have no further time to offer details. 

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