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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Survival │ Should Antibiotic Overuse Be Deemed Criminal?

It is confirmed ─ my youngest stepson Poté does indeed seem to have a new girlfriend.

About 10 days ago, his older brother Tho had said to me that Poté had broken up with Priyanka quite some time ago, and my wife Jack last week already knew of it when I mentioned it to her ─ although Jack said that Poté and Priyanka were still friends.

But in the past few days, he has been bringing someone home on some evenings.

I have not yet laid eyes upon whomever it is, but my younger brother Mark was in the kitchen last evening when the pair passed by after entering the house.

After Mark returned to his chair in the living room, he quietly asked me if Poté had a new girlfriend, to which I could only say that I had heard that he and Priyanka had broken up.

Mark says that the new gal is taller (and perhaps more substantial); but if he said anything of her complexion, I did not hear it. To explain, Priyanka is (I believe) of South Asian ancestry, and far darker than my Thai wife Jack or either of Jack's two sons.

Jack had worked the day at a Thai restaurant over in the Guildford area, and arrived home last evening maybe around 8:20 p.m. ─ considerably before Poté and his new girlfriend showed up.

Jack was upstairs when Poté and his new squeeze arrived; and she was still up there when Mark finally went on upstairs to bed.

I grew suspicious, for although the bedroom light was on, the door was only ajar the width of a hand ─ at most.

So I looked, and saw her to be covered up and apparently asleep in bed in a somewhat fetal posture, her back to the lit lamp at her side of the bed.

It was maybe 10:40 p.m., so I decided to turn off the lamp light and get myself ready for bed, but she roused as I moved carefully toward the lamp.

In response to my question as to whether she wanted the light off, she sleepily countered negatively, and offered that she was going to go downstairs and make something to eat ─ she asked if Poté was home yet, so I affirmed.

Then she asked, "Alone?"

I just simply responded, "No." I was sure she knew what was afoot.

And downstairs she soon enough went to do a little cooking for herself. There may have been some conversational exchange between her and Poté initially, but thereafter the only sounds were those Jack was making that involved her cooking and maybe eating.

I am now unsure if I was still awake when Jack returned to bed.

My sleep overnight was not too good, but I have had much worse. I was eventually disturbed by Jack speaking something while getting up from bed. I correctly presumed that her eldest son Tho much have tapped on the bedroom door and called to her to get up and drive his lazy ass to the SkyTrain so he could be on his way to work.

I peeked in the darkness at the time, and saw it to be 5:51 a.m. I felt very sleepy, but I always get up once this happens ─ waiting until Jack has exited the bedroom, though.

She was to drive him the mile or so that he is too inconsiderate of his mother to travel on his own if she is here, even though he knows that she would also be working today ─ all day ─ at the Thai restaurant over in the Guildford area.

I was at work here at my computer by the time Jack returned wordlessly and went back to bed.

By the way, Poté was alone in bed.

I think his new girl has her own car, for there has always seemed to be a fairly large white one in the vicinity anytime she is visiting him.

If so, it must be a boon for him not to have to drive her away to somewhere like he was always doing for Priyanka. He can just stay home in bed if he wants.

I surprised myself with the amount of work I managed to put into the post I am constructing at one of my six hosted websites. I not only discharged the morning's assignment, but I completed about ⅘ more than that.

This puts me that much closer to completing and publishing the post.

Even so, I have twice needed to lie down. The first time was while Jack was still in bed; and the second was in the latter half of the noon-hour.

Jack left around 10:45 a.m. to drive to the restaurant she would be working at. Tonight will be her second consecutive night at home this week.

Okay, let's broach a couple of health-related topics. I want to start off with one that ought to be of intense interest to any woman concerned about breast cancer:


I think that I have known since my late teens ─ and we are talking the late 1960s here ─ that a vitamin's recommended dietary allowance (RDA) dosage as described on the lable is simply the minimum amount required to prevent the recognized symptoms of a deficiency. 

But that only applies to 97.5% of the population ─ in other words, 2.5% of the population WILL display symptoms of deficiency because it is not high enough for them.

But who the heck thinks they should only be taking the RDA amounts of a vitamin, even if they are not unfortunate enough to be part of the 2.5%?

For example, just because there are no clinical signs in 97.5% of the population of rickets (insufficient vitamin D), scurvy (insufficient vitamin D), beriberi (insufficient thiamine), or pellagra (insufficient niacin), it does NOT signify that all of these people are robustly healthy.

All that is happening is that the diseases identified as nutritional deficiencies are barely being staved off. The RDAs are only the minimum amounts that are required to be able to do that.

But everyone's health is their own.

People are free to listen and pay fullest heed to the regulators ─ they must know ALL, after all.


Now here's a report on the ludicrous overuse of antibiotics:


It referenced but did not link to this article:


The first article mentioned a report they published earlier that same day on Legionnaires' disease ─ this is it: Legionnaires’ disease now a bigger threat than ever.

I think I am going to try and keep that advice in mind concerning public hot tubs and whirlpools such as are found at many hotels and of course spas.

I now want to post three photos from a roll of film that was evidently developed in April 1990, and captures some of what clearly was a huge public peace or similar march.

The photos belonged to my mother Irene Dorosh and her husband Alex, so I will speculate that the bridge is likely one in Vancouver, B.C.:

I see that there is at least one more photo from that event that I have yet to scan, so I will undoubtedly be reposting these photos with any further that I identify and soon get published here in my blog.

Maybe even tomorrow.

Anyway, I am going to get today's post published, and try and finish what remains of that extra morning's work I had put in on the new post I am constructing at one of my six hosted websites.

If I can get the ⅕ added that remains of a full extra morning's content assignment, then I will be so much further ahead of schedule. 

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