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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Malware Found By SiteLock on One of My Six Hosted Websites

Early this afternoon I had opportunity to approach my eldest stepson Tho about the flight he and his younger brother Poté will be taking to Indonesia.

I had thought that it was leaving Vancouver International Airport late this evening or early into the a.m. of tomorrow, but apparently I have been 24 hours premature in that assumption.

I think that mistake on my part was Tho's fault, however. Apparently even Poté thought the flight was tonight, and Tho only set him straight midday today. The kid had his luggage all ready and had even arranged with his girlfriend to drive them to the airport.

So I shall be having the pleasure of everyone's company yet another day.

What a nasty night's sleep I had.

I was in bed last evening by 11:04 p.m., and probably got to sleep in the half-hour or so or however long it normally takes me.

But when I later found myself to be so very awake that I decided to check the time, it was 2:40 a.m. I had already been trying to return to sleep, so I gave it about 20 minutes more, and then just rose to come here to my computer to kill some time.

It seems that my younger brother Mark's clock-radio is probably still set for 3:49 a.m. to rouse him for the start of his workday. Why does he persist in sitting up so darned late each evening? He never retired to his bedroom last night until possibly 10:50 p.m. for the second consecutive evening, delaying my own bedtime.

When I heard him up and about in his bedroom this morning, I returned to bed ─ it was around 4:00 a.m.

But still sleep was not coming.

I lay there helplessly, finally just waiting until Mark left for work so that I could get up properly. However, with my mind racing and my worries besetting me about financial inadequacy and just about everything else, around 4:45 a.m. I felt myself overcome with a feeling of utter loneliness.

I felt abandoned by God, and friendless ─ on top of the estrangement that exists between my wife Jack and I. Even my brother Mark ─ we are brothers, but we are not friends.

The tears commenced, and I had to struggle to get my mind onto a different course.

Mark finally readied to leave at around 5:00 a.m., and when I heard him lock the front door, I was free to get up.

I spent the morning fulfilling the assignment of content supply at the old post I am involved in editing at My Retirement Dream, one of my six hosted websites. 

When that was done, I then logged into my chequing account, still concerned about the error I discovered yesterday that I had made, allowing the account to fall below the amount of the monthly mortgage that would normally get debited that day.

I hadn't noticed the shortfall until around 10:30 a.m. yesterday, and in a panic transferred over to it $300 from my wife Jack's account.

But over the course of the day, there was no mortgage activity, and I was dreading that the attempt to withdraw the mortgage debt had already been attempted and failed due to insufficient funds in the account.

Fortunately, when I checked the account this morning, though, I found that the debit had occurred earlier, so all must be well. For whatever reason, it just took place a day later than usual.

That provided me with much relief. And so it was that I returned to bed at 7:40 a.m. feeling considerably more at peace than I had at any point since first checking the time at 2:40 a.m.

Sleep was still extremely difficult to achieve, however. A couple or so snatches of naps did develop; and when I at last became curious of the time, I checked and saw it to be 10:38 a.m.

It was time to get up and confront the whole of what remained of my day.

Perhaps some of my unrest earlier was attributable to an E-mail I found at a Yahoo account of mine ─ I don't keep on top of its Inbox on a daily basis like I do my main Earthlink account.

The message had arrived yesterday.

To preface this, I should first explain that of the six hosted websites that I mentioned presently having, five of them are on one account at HostGator.

The other one ─ Latin Impressions ─ is all on its own with Justhost

Latin Impressions is the worst website I have where attracting visitors is concerned ─ in a recent 28-day report by WordPress, more than half of those 28 days saw the website without even one visitor.

And the website has been online since early 2010, if I remember correctly.

Here is the E-mail I was sent yesterday by SiteLock:

So malware was detected on a recent scan, they say.

But of course, they didn't do anything about removing it ─ I am supposed to contact them for that.

I have read claims that the cost for that can be anything like $199 to $300.

One gal published back on June 6, 2013 that she nearly paid for SiteLock's cleansing, but decided to dig into it herself. All she found was that her website had a link that pointed to an infected website ─ I am sure that my websites undoubtedly do the same, for I have been linking to other websites for many years. Naturally some would eventually get hacked and / or infected.

So she removed the link herself:
Yes, it's an old post, but the comments it has gotten range right through to last month.

Her case is also mentioned by this rather tempered review:
I learned at that latter website that Justhost ─ the host of my affected website ─ is owned by the same company that owns SiteLock. Are they possibly in cahoots to bilk me?

You can read how Justhost lauds SiteLock in this advertisement for them.

I cannot afford even a tenth of $199. I am so damned deep into debt and the depression that goes with it that ─ as I have several times of late stated here in my blog ─ I question whether I have more than one more birthday and Christmas remaining in me.

I'm 68 years old. I do not want to be living at the age of 70 this same life that I have been enduring since my retirement back in the spring of 2011.

If this is all there is going to be for me, then maybe I need to 'pull that plug.'

SiteLock and Justhost may well get around to trying to threaten me that Google will blacklist my website if nothing is done by me to cleanse it of its malware infection.

That's too bad ─ I still can't afford SiteLock's services.

Besides, I ran my website through two of Google's website checks, and it was cleared:
Of course, my five other websites hosted on one HostGator account are not safe from a similar threat, for HostGator is also owned by the same company that owns Justhost and SiteLock.

Note a couple of past reports about problems relating to HostGator and SiteLock:
If HostGator's partnership with SiteLock results in some similar tactic, then I will also allow all five of those websites to die, too. 

I cannot continue to sustain this sort of punishment ─ especially when I have paid so very much to have those websites online already.

It is a shame about Justhost ─ Latin Impressions is only a month into its two year contract renewal that I did not want, and which cost me most dearly.

With HostGator, I am paying by the month.

My credit card happens to expire in the Summer, so if there are any shenanigans by HostGator before then, I will simply not update my next credit card's details.

I am prepared to no longer have my six hosted websites. Heck, in the more-than-seven years that they have all been online, I never earned enough affiliate income from all sources to maintain an account at Justhost or HostGator for even one year.

Why bother continuing? It's all been a money pit, and I have wasted so much of my life during my pathetic retirement futilely trying to generate a second income to augment my inadequate pension.

I just rue that Justhost suckered me by taking $323.76 U.S. ($402 Canadian) from that credit card last month for a two-year contract I had no intention of setting up, when one of their agents had claimed that I would be able to get a monthly subscription. 

But I will sacrifice it. Justhost and SiteLock will get nothing more from me.         

As for the Google blacklisting, only two of my six hosted websites have not been banned from Google's AdSense programme anyway, and Latin Impressions seems to be one of those banned.  

So what care I if Latin Impressions also gets banned from Google search results? I just now checked the website's visitor statistics as determined by WordPress for the past 28 days, and only 17 of those days had even one visitor.

How can Google make things worse for a website that has been online since early 2010?

...Well, damn! I found a scanner that did identify that my website was afflicted:

But doing anything about the scan results is something else entirely ─ I don't know how to interpret the very lengthy mass of coding.

Apparently the specific problem is malware identified as MW:BLK:2.

Enough of this for today. And it has been a drizzling day ─ great for some local grocery shopping, had I felt better.

After my morning return to bed, I got back to work at My Retirement Dream and added a further half-morning's content supply to the old post I am editing.

My eyes and vision have been very bad all day. I can't deal with the eyestrain that trying to figure out how to contend with MW:BLK:2 is going to cause me today, so maybe tomorrow.

I have felt so very poorly that I was going to dispense with all exercise, for the extreme effort seemed too formidable to contemplate. But in the end, I did go out to the backyard shed towards mid-afternoon when each of my stepsons went off somewhere on their own, and I at least got the four sets of pull-ups done.

Oddly, I found myself with a goodly level of nervous energy, so I did quite well.

I am out of blogging time due to all of the various research I have been doing about the malware infection.

Consequently, I am just going to close shop for today with this old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street, and two houses up from Third Avenue.

The last previous journal entry had been two days earlier ─ on a Friday, as it happened; and it indicated that my younger brother Mark and I were going to be driving to 100 Mile House to visit my old friend Norman Richard Dearing who was then living there. 

Mark would have worked all Thursday night, for he was on a graveyard shift. Thus, I would be trying to operate his yellow GMC pickup truck while he kicked back beside me ─ supposedly to catch some sleep.

However, I only had a learner's permit, and I just could not fathom how to coordinate the truck's gear shifts ─ Mark was going to have to do that.

Mark's German shepherd Daboda was also coming along with us.

I have yet to read what I wrote about the trip, so this is going to be entirely new to me after all of these years.
SUNDAY, January 23, 1977

It is nigh 11:20 p.m., and I am home after coming into town with Mark who came to visit Dianne [a young lady he was somewhat and newly involved with].

We had a very eventful weekend.

We only hit 2 pubs on our way to Norman's (the Empress Hotel in Chilliwack, and the Oasis in Cache Creek), having 2 beers apiece in each; but we had beer with us.

I drove from Chilliwack all the way to 100 Mile House where we entered the Exeter Arms Hotel. 

I phoned Norman's number, but never got an answer. So we sat at the table a school teacher shared with us, and socialized with him till his wife Heather came. His name was Garnett. Very nice people.

They invited us home with them for a pork roast supper, but we declined on the grounds we had to search for Norman.

We headed outside only to have him follow us out from another part of the bar.

And so the night began.

We got bombed in a pub outside of town, returned to the Exeter afoot after parking the truck at Norm's, and apparently drank till we'd had enough.

A guy Norm knows drove us to a place where we ordered some chicken, then taxied home to Norman's.

I remember little of all this.

After we'd retired, I got good and sick and puked heartily.

I had a migraine-type headache in the morning I had to take back to bed to get rid of.

In the afternoon we went up a back road for about 20 miles with Norman's 22 for some shooting.

There were lots of game tracks in the snow.

Coming back, Mark was drinking and speeding, and ran us off the road.

We were lucky to escape uninjured; the truck's right front corner of the hood got banged in, for we nearly rolled over.

We hiked perhaps 3 miles to a mill phone for a tow truck.

While Mark & Norm went with the tow truck, I proceeded to get Daboda & I lost; but Mark & Norm found me.

The tow cost Mark $30.

After reporting the incident to the suspicious R.C.M.P., we again visited the Exeter. But Mark was so sleepy, we only had 2 beers each.

Norm prepared a light hamburger supper at his place while Mark slept; we filled up on bread, watching TV.

Mark didn't really snap out of it till around 11:00 p.m. or later.

Sometime after midnight he took off to drink; Norm retired about 12:45 a.m., and I at 1:00 a.m.

Sunday we took it easy till near noon when Mark decided we'd better get going home. But his truck wouldn't start.

After a bit of investigation, time, and running around, it was decided the fuel pump was at fault.

They remedied it, and Mark & I headed back.

He picked up a hitchhiker, but the young fellow was a local and only went to Clinton

After that we squeezed in 2 young (unattractive) Indian girls who turned out to be going to Mission.

I barely remained awake.

We let them off near the Mission turn-off, and finally got home (in fog) by 7:00 p.m.

Bed for me tonight is around midnight.

I went through about $23 this weekend ─ nothing, compared to Mark's expenses.

My unemployment insurance cheque for $146 was here, and there is a claim card with it, so I guess I can collect at least 1 more cheque.
I was expecting my U.I. claim to run out ─ and that was a very disturbing prospect, for I had no other income.     

I think that old journal entry largely explains itself. I probably should have written that 100 Mile House was covered with lots of snow.

As for all of those hotels, we were of course drinking in their beer parlours. The Empress in Chilliwack is now gone, as this Facebook account explains. The Exeter Arms in 100 Mile House may be gone, too. I read mention that it might now be called the Lakewood Inn.

But back to the present ─ the house phone here has rung a number of times today, and that is very unusual.

We do not answer the phone ─ an answering machine handles that.

Could it be SiteLock or Justhost? No message is left.
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