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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Study Finds That Electromagnetic Fields Are Elevating Fetus Miscarriage Risks

As I anticipated, my wife Jack arrived home last evening after spending a few hours working at a Thai restaurant over near Guildford.

I was of course involved watching T.V. with my younger brother Mark ─ or at least, as much as he was able to watch as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

But both of Jack's sons were home, so she had them to communicate with. She doesn't display much inclination to talk with me anyway, so I tend to withdraw from making conversational approaches.

I expect that the three are often discussing whatever is being arranged concerning their potential overseas flights.

I know for certain that Jack will be leaving on a January 15 flight to Thailand, and is not due back until March 5.

I have nothing concrete concerning the boys, except that they would not be leaving Canada with her, nor even trying to enter Thailand.

If the boys are still planning a trip, it would be of shorter duration, and not into Thailand, but rather some neighbouring country. Although both of them are now Canadians, they are also Thai. And there is a risk posed where concerns the Thai military, and the fact that they are probably still under legal obligation to present themselves for consideration in the military draft.

The oldest lad is now 24 years old, while the youngest is 20.

So I have no real idea yet just what is afoot with them.

I had thought that the best arrangement would be to just fly to Laos, for it is the country nearest their Nong Soong home village (which is located no more than a 15-minute drive from Udon Thani city).

However, Tho ─ the oldest lad ─ pointed out several weeks back that there are likely no flights to Laos from Vancouver International Airport that would not first stop in Bangkok.

And so it seemed that maybe Indonesia was the surest destination to avoid any risky Bangkok layovers.

I'll have to make a point of addressing the whole concept of their trip with one or both of the boys before too long.

Anyway, I think that it was around 11:45 p.m. last night when I went to bed after letting Jack know ─ I entrusted her with the remote to the T.V. that was still turned on at that point.

I was still awake when she came to bed towards 1:00 a.m.

I slept a night of broken sleep, and did my best to be incognizant when Tho probably rousted his mother from bed this morning around 6:00 a.m. to drive him to the SkyTrain for his commute to work in Burnaby.

It is a lazy, selfish streak from him I do not like.

I usually just get up after Jack rises at Tho's bidding like this, and then get to work on whatever post I am constructing at one of my six hosted websites.

But I often find myself overtired as the morning wears on due to insufficient sleep, and it can cripple my daily routine.

So I did my best to remain oblivious to Jack's stirrings. And when there came a time that I sensed that she was coming back to bed ─ whether from a bathroom break, driving Tho, or whatever else ─ I tried so sink into further sleep, but my mind had become too activated.

When I finally checked the time and saw that it was practically 7:00 a.m., I felt okay about getting up for the day.

I busied myself with the morning's assignment of content supply to a new post I set up yesterday at Latin Impressions. Jack's youngest son Poté was to rise reasonably soon after, and soon had left to drive himself to work.

At 10:00 a.m., I could hear what I suspected was Jack's iPhone 6's alarm. After a few soundings, it stopped.

Then at 10:43 a.m., I heard it again ─ along with Jack's painful outcry at this interruption of her rest. I didn't realize it then, but she was going to have to work again at the Thai restaurant.

It took Jack a few minutes to actually get up; and when she emerged from the bedroom, she went directly into the bathroom to start getting herself ready.

I was able to finish the morning's work on that post before she was done, and so I went downstairs to kill time and await her emergence and descent.

It was only after she eventually came downstairs fully dressed to go out that I understood that she had a reason for rising to her phone's alarm.

She looked serious and ill-rested ─ it bothers me that she still must work because my retirement pension is too inadequate for all of our needs.

I saw her off, and then fixed up my day's second hot beverage and tuned in an episode of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge in order to help resurrect within me the necessary resolve to get out to the backyard tool shed and perform the afternoon's four sets of pull-ups.

Then once that was over with, I made myself a small meal out of some of the cooking Jack had done last evening.

The day had started out as reasonably sunny, but as the morning wore on it became fairly foggy. And it was chill out there.

Shortly after 1:30 p.m., Jack was back home, declaring that the restaurant was dead ─ i.e., no customers were showing up. She wanted to get a nap, but first she freshened up again in the bathroom; and by 2:00 p.m. or so was back in our bed.

It is 2:09 p.m. as I type these words. I don't know if Jack will be returning to the restaurant later this afternoon, but that is quite likely.

But changing the topic somewhat, I am certain that when Jack was an expectant mother, she did the best that she knew to ensure the health of each of her unborn sons when she was pregnant with them ─ most mothers are like that.

I know that some mothers even go so far as to not even have a drink throughout their pregnancies, but that is an unnecessary extreme ─ all a mother really needs to do is avoid intoxication.

But how many of the conscientious expectant mothers out there will shun the use of a cellphone, and do their utmost to avoid other non-ionizing radiation sources?

The evidence from a recent study is that excessive amounts of this sort of exposure very much increases the risk of a miscarriage.

Read about it for yourself:


This is the reference cited beneath that article:


I just bet that a lot of pregnant cellphone addicts out there are going to dismiss the validity of the study.

Cutting out drinking may be one thing ─ but shunning having a cellphone anywhere near her pregnant body, and maybe even giving up the phone entirely for all nine months?

It's going to be a rare mother who will be committed to follow any such prescription ─ even if it's for her baby's health.


Well, Jack had her nap and rose just ahead of 4:00 p.m.

And she was in an oddly good mood ─ and all because of some freaky dream she had.

She said that she had trouble emerging from it, and was almost paralyzed in bed. Her good mood was apparently attributable to the fact that I was in the dream, and not doing anything to help her.

This seemed to make everything she had dreamt all the more preposterous.

She further said that she didn't have time to kill me for my useless role in the bizarre feature ─ she was rushing to head off to somewhere ─ but she would do it when she got back.

It's good to have her interacting with me in such good humour, but I have no idea at all what the dream was about.

That fog out there has settled right in ─ it's going to be a chilly night.

Right now I want to post a scan of an old photo ─ its description is taken from the Google Plus album where I have the image filed:

This photo that is from the collection of my mother Irene Dorosh has no details on its back, but my guess is that it was taken during the decade of the 1970s.

And probably back in Ontario where my mother's family home was.

The lady in the centre is my mother's youngest sister, Nell.

The older lady is their mother Jessie Hyatt.

I have never met the chap with them, insofar as I can remember; but for some reason the name of "Wilbur" or "Wib" pops into my mind ─ that name belonged to one of my mother's brothers.
And with that addition to the post made, I am going to take yet one further break and update matters in the evening. My suspicion is that my wife Jack just nipped out to do some shopping, but it is also possible that she did go back for a few further hours of work at the Thai restaurant. 

Whatever the case, I will have that essentially figured out in the next couple of hours.

If she went to work, then she will probably spend another night here at home.


Here it is 6:22 p.m., and still my wife Jack is away. She must have had to finish her day at the restaurant.

Well, since she is probably going to be spending the night here at home, I really have nothing further to report. Both of my stepsons are home, and my younger brother Mark will soon enough be, too.
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