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Monday, January 22, 2018

Widespread Sugar Additive Implicated in Helping C. Difficle to Flourish

My younger brother was an utter drunken ass last evening, and had me practically raging within.

He needs to lay off the heavy drinking ─ there is so little brain life remaining when he gets that far gone.

Unfortunately,  after Mark got home from the bar last evening, my eldest stepson Tho let break to Mark that Tho and his younger brother Poté are going to Bali for about 10 days.

I further believe that they will be catching their flight tomorrow evening.

Their mother ─ my wife Jack ─ has been away for just over a week in Thailand to visit her mother, and the plan is that she will hook up with the boys in Indonesia. She will be bringing along their grandmother for a reunion.

The boys can't go to Thailand for potential problems relating to the mandatory requirement that all male Thai citizens ─ which the boys are, even though they are also Canadians ─ must present themselves at the age of 21 to the proper local authorities for consideration of military conscription.

Well, Tho is 24, and Poté is 20.

They have no intention of risking the consequences of that mandatory requirement that Tho never obeyed due to being here here in Canada since his last visit to Thailand in 2009.

So the only way their grandmother ─ who helped raise the two brothers ─ is ever going to certainly see them is to do so in a neighbouring Southeast Asian country.

She cannot come here to Canada even to visit without a very involved visa application process.

Mark was such an ignorant ass with me last evening that I finally broke and had a second can of strong (8% alcohol) beer ─ I had intended to hold myself to one, but the jackass pushed me too far.

He never retired to his bedroom for the night until possibly 10:55 p.m., so that delayed my own bedtime, although I may have been abed before 11:30 p.m.

Meantime, Poté arrived home from wherever he had been, and apparently in the company of his new girlfriend ─ for the first time, she was still here with him this morning. She has her own car, so in the past she has usually taken off for home after they finish whatever nonsense they involve themselves in.

But I didn't realize that she was with him last night. I had locked the front door before the kid got home; and when he had to unlock it and let himself in, I was essentially getting to bed.

His brother Tho was still up, however.

Both boys have of course booked off this and next week from work ─ I hope it's only the two weeks, for I sure as blazes don't want them hanging around here for a week all bloody day long once they're back from their holiday.

I had a bad night of it ─ perhaps too damned much stress in my life.

I got to sleep in what is average time for me ─ perhaps a half-hour or so. But I came to find myself so awake that I decided to check the time ─ it was 2:20 a.m.

I rose and used the bathroom, and then tried to return to sleep. Around 3:00 a.m. I gave up ─ my racing thoughts would not calm and allow me the sleep I desired.

So I rose and got to work on the old post I am performing a comprehensive edit of at My Retirement Dream, one of my six hosted websites. 

Then at 3:49 a.m., I heard my younger brother Mark's clock-radio come on. I had no idea that he was rising as early as this for his day of work.

He will be retiring at some point before June, and I heard him telling Tho last evening that he might get into some part-time work continuing to drive.

At present, he works for some warehouse firm as an owner / operator of his own large truck, making various deliveries and probably some pick-ups.

I returned to bed while he was still in his bedroom showering in his ensuite shower ─ so around 4:00 a.m.

I generally don earplugs, so I was not privy to his activities thereafter.

My mind was still active, but eventually I did sleep. And it was probably around 8:30 a.m. when I next checked the time and got myself up.

I was soon back at work on that edit of the old post at My Retirement Dream. By the time I was done with it just ahead of noon, I had actually added two mornings' worth of content, but there is still much work to do.

I had wanted to get out this morning for some local grocery shopping. And I tried.

In fact, at 10:30 a.m. or so I was on my way to do it, finding it heavily spitting rain despite there being some sunshine.

And then the thought struck me that I had meant to check my chequing account balance first. The monthly mortgage is imminent, and I didn't want to be standing at a cashier with the groceries I was intending to buy and then discover that my debit card was unable to access the necessary funds.

I still felt fairly secure, though ─ I had recently transferred $500 from my wife Jack's account, so I felt that there ought to be adequate funds. Upon getting back home, I could then check the account and ensure that enough money was in the account for the mortgage debit.

And then it struck me ─ just what date is it today? The mortgage just about always gets debited on the 22nd!

Reflection brought to mind that yesterday seemed to be the 21st ─ was today mortgage day?

There was no way I could continue on the shopping expedition without verification that the account could handle everything, so back home I trod. 

I came here to my computer and logged into my account...and discovered that due to a $300 bill payment I had mailed off that was negotiated two days ago, the account was over $180 too insufficient to cover the mortgage.

In a bit of panic, I hit up my wife Jack's account for a further $300. But I dared not shop now ─ not until the mortgage was safely debited.

Well, at this moment it is 4:44 p.m., and that debit has still not occurred. I am left with the deep and nagging concern that the mortgage debit was attempted early this morning when there were inadequate funds in the account, and now there is a smear against my credit reputation.

I don't quite know what to do other than to continue this waiting.

It rankles me that my youngest stepson Poté and his girlfriend were in bed until approaching 1:30 p.m., and then they left in her car while I was out in the backyard tool shed getting some exercise.

Poté has a job, but not once last year did he contribute to the mortgage. His mother does not insist on it.

His older brother Tho at least served as a buffer two or three times when there were inadequate funds in the account ─ Jack got him to agree to cover the shortfall, which he did willingly enough.

What I don't know is if she reimbursed him on her own.

So these two are about to be off to Bali for what will probably be a sensational trip experience, and I sit here fraught with worry because of how deep I am into debt, and how inadequate my monthly pension is to meet needs.

Jack's holiday was made possible by an injury settlement she received a few months ago due to her car being rear-ended maybe three years ago while it was stopped.

Jack hadn't braked suddenly. She had been stopped for a fair while before the offending vehicle came along and just ploughed into her because the driver wan't paying attention to what was ahead.

I think the legal firm let her have $30,000 of whatever the original injury claim paid out.

So what I do not know is if she is also wasting her money to pay for the entire trip for her two sons, as well as pay for her own holiday? ─ even though both sons each have full-time jobs and do not pay us a rent or help with the other monthly expenses like utilities!

All of this uncertainty and 'not knowing' just eats at me, and I grow so resentful. It only aggravates when my idiot drunken brother needles me with simple-brained upsetting jabs like he was doing last night concerning the Bali trip he had found out about.

Why the hell would I want to have a 70th birthday if this is the only life I am going to be living in my retirement? I retired at 61, and now I am 68.

I cannot go anywhere ─ my debt is too large.

I have no desire to air in this post my other failures that make my life so very disappointing and pointless.

So maybe there really are only one more birthday and Christmas for me before I call this madness quits.

I had hoped to buy some good eggs this morning so that I would be able to enjoy a protein-rich meal ─ I am not eating especially well at all. I think my 'saving grace' is that I have been ensuring to have adequate amounts of raw vegetables to help maintain a reasonably healthy gut population of microbes.

But this morning I used the last of my kale ─ I had finished my Swiss chard yesterday. I still have a fair amount of fermented vegetables, though.

To augment the last of the kale that I ate with my meagre first meal of today, I also had most of some basil that my wife Jack left in a closed plastic bag.

The leaves are not far from becoming slimy, so I did my best to wash them.

Now I am hoping that something pathogenic was not thriving on them, and for which I would be victimized for having ingested whatever organism it might be.

I just read today about a commercialized 'sugar' additive that is widespread in the food manufacturing industry may be largely responsible for the burgeoning cases of often-deadly Clostridium difficile infections.

Possibly this sugar that is known as trehalose may have more involvement in C. difficle infections than does the heavy overuse of antibiotics.

I will leave it to you to peruse these two references about this discovery:



Yesterday I had attempted to add a scan of a photo to that day's post, but Blogger just would not allow me to do it.

I will try again now:

Ahh! It worked today!

Okay, the following description is from the Google Plus album where I have the scan filed ─ this will be my closure for today's post:
The reverse of the photo has this written on it by my mother Irene Dorosh:

"John Nell Ethel Dan"

Obviously the sequence of those names is not in order.

So from the left we have Ethel, my eldest maternal half-sister (I have a younger older maternal half-sister named Phyllis); then Dan (who I suspect is Ethel's grandson); then Nell Halverson / Primrose (youngest sister of my mother), and John (brother to Dan, I would think).

The photo was probably taken sometime during the decade of the 1990s, if not the very early 2000s.

The location may have been the Thunder Bay region of Ontario.
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