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Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Fairly Accomplished Sunday

I usually watch a movie on Saturday evenings when my younger brother Mark is away and staying with his girlfriend Bev for the night, and it was no different last evening.

However, my mood was for something comedic. 

Unfortunately, my choice was abominably poor ─ I should have followed my instincts to avoid bothering with a horror comedy: A Haunted House 2.

The only thing I care to observe here about the 2014 movie is that supporting character actor Gabriel Iglesias looked so much like Modern Family's now-19-year-old Rico Rodriguez ("Manny"), that I could easily believe they were father and son, if not actually brothers.

Both of my stepsons were home at the time I was involved with the movie. Youngest stepson Poté was in bed with his girlfriend ─ the only place the two idiots ever are when they are here together; and Tho was mostly at the dining table that was basically behind where I was seated, so he could have been watching the movie, too.

However, anytime I happened to look Tho's way, his attention was focused on the screen of his cellphone. I think that he was just seated there because he was reluctant to use the computer in the boys' den area because that's where Poté has his bed (and was of course ensconced within it with his girlfriend).

I wish I knew how Poté can spend hours at a time lying in bed with his girlfriend during the day or evening, and then still be able to sleep at night. It makes no sense to me.

I keep hoping that he actually has trouble sleeping well ─ it would be deserved. He had to work today, but didn't need to get up and then leave here until the latter morning. I couldn't see his girlfriend's car after I got up this morning, so she must have left sometime last night after I had gone to bed.

I think that Tho actually went to bed a little ahead of me. Either that, or else he simply resorted to the privacy of that part of the house where he sleeps ─ if he was indeed reluctant to be intruding on his brother Poté and girlfriend.   

I was in bed by 11:53 p.m.

I think I rose once around 2:30 a.m. and used the bathroom, but otherwise I made a point of refraining from making time checks anytime I was having breaks in sleep, and that may have helped me continue to return to sleep.

I remember that I did seem to make a check just ahead of 4:00 a.m., though.

My next check came when I suddenly realized that the day was already very bright outside ─ it was 7:54 a.m.

I hastened to rise, and was soon enough at work on the post I am amassing at Amatsu Okiya, one of my six hosted websites.

Yesterday I had added the equivalent of 1½ mornings' worth of content to that post. It had been my hope to add another half-morning's worth of content later in that day, but I never did.

And so this morning I stuck to the task of atoning for that, and I worked until I had met yestermorning's accumulation of content. And that meant that I had achieved three days' of content-building in the space of two days, thereby putting me a full day nearer to the post's finish and publication.

My posts typically require many hours of work, but I limit myself to just the mornings.The afternoons are for the daily post I attempt to put together here in this blog.

And so it is that a post at one of my websites can easily take as many as 10 days to complete. To do so in a week is exceptional.  

Mark probably showed up around 10:30 a.m. or so. Poté had already gone to work by then.

The day has been amazingly sunny ─ our fourth consecutive day here in Surrey without any rain. But such weather is serving to keep me at home ─ I prefer the relative anonymity of inclement days when I wish to be out on a shopping errand.

I may yet get out later this afternoon, though ─ we shall see. It is presently 3:26 p.m.

My wife Jack ─ as anyone who has read any previous recent posts realizes ─ is off in Thailand on a seven-week holiday so that she can spend time visiting her mother.

On most days, Jack has been making Facebook posts that have contained photos she has taken with her cellphone. However, today there was nothing. 

Even in Thailand, Sundays tend to be subdued. Likely, there was nothing going on in her life that inspired her to be taking photographs and posting ─ she may have just remained home. Maybe she even attended the temple with her mother instead of being active with any of her friends or whatever younger (i.e., contemporary) family members she might have visited or been visited by.

So I have no images to select from to post here.

Instead, I will post this scanned image ─ the description beneath it is from the Google Plus album where I have the image filed:

The back of this old photo has the following notation from my mother Irene Dorosh:

"Aunt Eva Everett"

My mother is no longer alive to question about the photo, but it must likely depict a sister of her mother (i.e., Jessie Hyatt). 

The photo had to have been taken back in Ontario where my mother grew up, and most of her extended family still live. 

As for when the photo was taken, I can only offer as likely the decade of the 1990s, or very early in the 2000s.
By the way, after finishing my work on that Amatsu Okiya post late in the morning, I sought a nap. It must have been right around midday.

I lost track, but I believe that I was probably down in excess of 80 minutes, and I most certainly did nap.  

I have been dreaming so very much in recent months, it seems.

Anyway, I rose to find that my younger brother Mark had already gone for the afternoon. Obviously, he could not have benefited from his own nap, so his brain will be at a disadvantage once he stands pickling it with drink later.

Lucky me this evening once he's back from the bar!

I must say, that lousy movie last evening sufficed to limit me to just one can of strong (8% alcohol) beer. Had I found myself something to watch that would have deeply affected me, I likely would have broken into a second can. 

Note that I so limit myself due to financial inadequacy ─ I am not stinting on the drink for any health-related reasons. I would love to be able to drink liberally any evening I might choose. But I cannot afford to. 


Okay, I made the shopping hike ─ over to Save-On-Foods about 1¼ miles distant over in Whalley.

I never left here until after 5:30 p.m., so it was dark by the time I was back home a little after 6:20 p.m.

There was nothing else remarkable about the venture, except that I had remembered to bring along some change. And sure enough, right where I exited the store was a rather grey-bearded chap snuggling down against a brick or concrete pillar, with a smallish, mostly-brown dog almost buried out of sight where it was on his lap and snuggled against his stomach.

I could have avoided looking at the guy and easily turned right and been on my way, but there was a reason that I had brought the change ─ $3.45.

So I did look his way, and got the hopeful request about being able to spare some change.

I said, "I think so."

Of course I knew how much was in my pocket, but as I dug into my pocket, I said anyway, "Let's see how much comes up."

When I handed it over, he quickly assessed that there was going to be something over a dollar or two, so he earnestly expressed his gratitude.

I figured that he was a bit too old to be a doper, so he would likely apply the change to something more reasonably necessary.

Besides, I doubt that true crack addicts tend to retain their pet dogs for long.

No one was here at home when I left; and that was still the case when I got back. But Tho showed up less than five minutes later ─ in fact, I had only begun to put away some of the groceries.

So we had some conversational exchange ─ our first today.

His brother showed up after I was upstairs here at my computer updating this post; but he soon enough headed away again. I fear he won't be coming back without his girlfriend. However, she does have her own car, so it's not as if he needs to pick her up or anything ─ she actually lives quite distantly, from what I seem to remember. 

I didn't have any great need to be making this shopping expedition ─ although we are practically finished our container of natural peanut butter, something that I deem to be a staple.

But I did not want to still have the trip ahead of me during the busy workweek.

Also, I never involved myself in any other exercising today, so I was basically obliged to go for that reason alone.
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