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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Inclined Bed Therapy │ More on Why Routine Cancer Screenings Are Raising False Alarms

I was in bed last evening by 11:03 p.m., hoping for a decent night's sleep.

It wasn't to happen.

I did fairly well with the initial block of sleep ─ or at least, I never found myself wakeful enough to care to check the time until something like 3:21 a.m.

I took the opportunity to use the bathroom, but after returning to bed my thought processes began to burgeon, and sleep became improbable.

I knew that my younger brother Mark would be getting up around 4:00 a.m. or so to start readying for work, so I decided around 3:30 a.m. to just get up and turn on (and log into) my computer.

Then I dallied at it until I heard Mark moving about in his bedroom, and then heard that movement evolve into his ensuite morning shower.

So I returned to bed ─ either to fall asleep, or to await Mark's departure for work around 5:00 a.m.

It was 3:59 a.m. by the time I was back in bed, so Mark obviously rose well ahead of 4:00 a.m.

Sleep did not pay me a visit; and when I heard Mark heading out the front door for work, I rose to soon get to work to finalize and eventually publish the post I have been working upon for quite a number of days at Amastu Okiya, one of my six hosted websites.

The post is Easy Geisha Costume II.

My youngest stepson Poté was to rise early into that project, and headed out the front door around 7:41 a.m. to drive himself to work.

That left just my eldest stepson Tho home and still in bed ─ he generally tries to get up ahead of 6:00 a.m. to start readying for work.

Apparently having a statutory holiday this past Monday, then a late start on Tuesday that found him sleeping in, and finally a full day yesterday, all proved too much for the fragile 23-year-old. He never emerged from his sleeping quarters until early into the noon hour.

How the hell is that possible? He went to bed before I did last night, yet I couldn't remain in bed much past 3:30 a.m. and he can hold out until the noon-hour?

That almost sickens me with envious disgust. 

Heck, I even returned to bed shortly after 10:00 a.m. for a nap, and was up again long before he got up ─ my nap had broken, and I accepted that finding another elusive stretch of nap would have taken far too long.

I do not like having my weekday home-alone time robbed from me ─ I mightily resent it.

The day has been overcast and quite chilly; and when I was out in the backyard tool shed ahead of 3:00 p.m. for some exercise, there was such a fine rain falling that I did not even feel it when I first went to the shed. It was only after I was taking a break from a set of exercise repetitions and standing in the shed doorway looking outward that I was able to visually perceive the almost imperceptible falling moisture.

I am sure that I heard a radio announcer this morning say that we are to have rain starting later today, so maybe this was its birth.

Let's return to the topic of sleep.

I came across an article this morning that has me intrigued ─ viz., that sleeping upon an inclined bed can not only bestow better sleep, but also bestow many health benefits.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Apparently the key is to have an elevation of about six inches (15.24 centimetres).

And the whole bed must be at an incline, and not just the upper half of the mattress as might be achieved by a hospital bed, for example. 

Here is the article:


If my stepson Tho had not been home today, I would have sought some rectangular weight training plates in our storage room ─ these are plates that were part of one of those home gyms featuring pulleys and such.

The storage room is accessed through the boys' den area, but I am so bummed at Tho that I do not want to present an opportunity for pleasantries with him.

I will await a time when I am home alone.

The plates might not serve, though. If a few are stacked upon one another to attain sufficient elevation, and such supports are then used beneath the bed's head frame, they may prove unstable.

The head and foot of the bed are not on the floor on a pair of legs that the plates could be placed beneath ─ rather, the headboard and footboard bases are a solid length of wood extending the full width of the bed.

So there are no legs.

As I said, though, I will need to test this out, and I will not do it if it necessitates communication with Tho.

And consarn that infernal idiot!

It is just after 3:45 p.m., and I have eaten nothing today. But after coming in from my exercising out in the shed, I put some ground beef into a pan to slow cook over an electric element of the stove.

That was at least a half-hour ago.

I just went downstairs to check its progress...and the stove element was not even remotely warm. Tho had taken it upon himself to turn the damned thing off!

Now I must start the wait all over again for another 40 minutes or so ─ that's about how long this slow-cooking process takes.

And I'm bloody hungry!

God, I hate having either of my stepsons home during the freaking week!

But I want to touch upon a second health-related topic that I have already brought forth in a blog post this week ─ how medical screenings are finding far too many bogus 'potential threats' than should ever receive attention.

Cancer screenings are primary here. Screenings are detecting so-called cancers that the medical profession never should be bothering with.

Unnecessary treatments and surgeries are often extremely harmful physically and emotionally; and such detections badly skew the actual rates of cancer, making it seem that there is an epidemic of cancers when there probably is not. 

The medical profession just happens to be finding piddling little developments that would never in a lifetime cause a problem for the patient, and which would probably disappear without any medical attention anyway.

But check out the following article for yourself ─ it is different from any that I already linked to in the earlier post:


Now to witch topics entirely, my wife Jack ─ who is on a seven-week holiday in Thailand in order to have an extended visit with her mother ─ usually posts photos and even a rare video into her Facebook posts each day.

But sometimes she doesn't post anything, and that was the case when I checked today.

Consequently, I am going to post a few other images.

When I first went to Thailand in January 2003, one of the ladies who took good care of me was known to me as Tukta. 

I never saw her in either of the subsequent visits I made to Thailand in 2004 or 2005, but we are still in occasional E-mail (and Facebook) contact.

She E-mailed the following photo that she took with her webcam late in January:

I've gotten older since early 2003, too.

If I ever came into the money, I would make her a larger part of my life ─ she was a kind-hearted, good woman.

The next three photos I will post are examples of mosaic art that an E-mail contact of mine created just a few years back ─ as you may suspect, the mosaics involve broken pieces of glass:

As far as I know, I was born without any talent of any sort whatsoever.

And I think that will do it for today. Tho headed away shortly before 5:00 p.m. for a gym workout, but I don't feel up to a forced search of the storage room for those plates to see if they would serve as supports beneath my bed's headboard.

I would prefer to have the time for a leisured exploration of this whole project.

Maybe tomorrow?
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