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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Vitamin D Found to Reverse Cardiovascular Damage │ Heartburn Medication and Escalation of Kidney Stones Linked

It was certainly good to get yesterday behind me ─ a depressive low of that degree is suicidally dangerous.

I made it to bed right around 11:00 p.m. ─ maybe even a minute or two before.

My sleep wasn't too poor initially, either. It may have been around 4:15 a.m. before I cared enough to check the time. I knew that my younger brother Mark would be up and readying for his workday ─ this is his second-to-last workweek before he retires.

I sought to relax and find some further sleep; and I think that when next I checked the time, it may have been around 5:30 a.m. Time to get up!

As yesterday, my eldest stepson Tho surprised me by being extant well before 6:00 a.m. as he began readying for work. And he may have been on his way by 6:20 a.m.

Unfortunately, his younger brother Poté had today off work ─ but I was expecting that.

I did well with amassing content into the new post that I am constructing at Latin Impressions, one of my six hosted websites. I put in the equivalent of a regular morning's worth of effort on the post, and then tried gearing up for a local grocery shopping hike.

The "gearing up" involved resorting to my bed to ease out the aches that build up when I am crouched here on a hard metal chair before my computer's low keyboard; but I also needed to rest my eyes.

It was very pleasant lying there in bed. And eventually, I recognized that I didn't really need to do that shopping ─ it could wait another day. Maybe tomorrow would be like today ─ light rain at times. Those are the sort of days that I am most likely to find the resolve to get out into the public.

Resigned to the postponement of the shopping expedition, I returned to the Latin Impressions post and added about another ¾ of an average morning's worth of content effort to it before knocking off for today ─ the noon-hour was too near, and I was feeling like a nap was a better option. I had already indulged in a very nice breakfast.

Latin Impressions is my poorest website in visitor totals. When I logged into it this morning, WordPress indicated that over the previous 28 days, there had been nine without even one visitor.

And at that point of the morning, there had been none thus far today, either.

This can often make it difficult to find any enthusiasm to put the time and labour into that website, but I fared well on that count this morning.

I was back in bed for that nap just into the noon-hour, and I was probably down for maybe an hour. However, the last 10 or more minutes were spent consciously, albeit I was enormously groggy ─ a nap I had fallen deeply into had been interrupted by the noise Poté made when he finally rose and came upstairs to the bathroom immediately adjacent to my bedroom.

I should have used earplugs when I first went back to bed.

His mother will very soon be back from a lengthy visit to Thailand ─ she left quite early in January, and her flight back is scheduled to leave Bangkok next Monday.

She usually posts photos to her Facebook account, but today all I found were some she had already posted ─ a couple or so photos from the wedding of her niece that took place two days ago.

Evidently Jack felt the photos merited re-posting, but I will not do the same here.

I have a couple of health-related topics I want to bring some attention to ─ the first involves vitamin D, and the topic was one I just very recently included in a post.

Nevertheless, if anyone has suffered heart damage, then this is essential information, I would venture.

These three reports tell of the latest research ─ you should be able to gain the gist of what the research found:




No one needs to be a genius to understand that if vitamin D can achieve this with damaged hearts and arteries, then it can only be bolstering the integrity even more of healthy circulatory systems.

I try to ensure that I daily take 6,000 I.U.s of vitamin D3 over these gloomy months. If I actually found myself ill from a bad cold or flu or anything else, I would increase that dosage.

The second topic does not concern me, but I know that there are enormous numbers of people who suffer recurring heartburn (indigestion) attacks, and also people who have to deal with kidney stones.

If you happen to be someone who suffers from both problems, what if the stones were actually caused by the medication you take to quell the heartburn attacks?




In my younger adult life, I was a compulsive overeater because I usually had very limited money, and when food was available, I gorged.

And I regularly suffered lots and lots of wretched indigestion.

I overcame gluttony in time. And as a result, if I even suffer a slight bit of heartburn, it is rare indeed. About the only thing that I can expect to bring it on anymore is extended drinking of hard liquor.

Since I have no photos of my wife's from Thailand to post, I will present this scan of a photo which I have filed in a Google Plus album ─ the description beneath the photo is from that album:

A photo from the collection of my mother Irene Dorosh.

It was likely taken in the Thunder Bay area, and probably during the decade of the 1990s or maybe even very early in the 2000s.

I have never met any of the people in the photo, even though most or even all are my own maternal relatives.

My mother wrote a description on the back of the photo, but I find it dreadfully confusing:

"Dorothy Shirley Bryan
Leta Francis Kay Ricki"

In addition, beneath "Shirley" she wrote "daughter" and beneath "Ricki" she wrote "son," and then linked both with arrows to the name "Francis."

Some other photos taken at the same occasion listed the names of the people who were photographed, but identified them from the right to the left, so I expect that has happened here.

The first three names probably relate to the three people clumped in the background at the right; and then the four names are those in the front row, beginning with "Leta" at the far right who appears to be holding a camera.

If so, then "Ricki" is the young, somewhat bearded chap at the far left.
As for their potential relationship to me...I have no idea.

Okay, I am going to close now with this old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street [Google map], and two houses up from Third Avenue.
MONDAY, February 28, 1977

I got up at 6:00 a.m., again not sleeping much; in fact, even less than the night previous.

I stayed in all morning.

About 11:30 a.m. I went up and paid my rent.

After noon, I spent over 2 hours in bed, to be warm and kill time.

Since last Tuesday, every other day I've been weight exercising, and the lowest part of my triceps are still aching from Saturday's session.

Well, I am going now to U.I. to place my claim, then hopefully remember to pick up an income tax form (probably I'll have to go to the post office).

Here's hoping my trip to Mark's will be worthwhile: my 4 Provincial Lottery tickets, be lucky, one of you!
My landlady was extremely skimpy with the heat.

I was collecting Unemployment Insurance, and each two weeks had to bring in my claim to the relevant section at the local federal department of Manpower and Immigration.

Can you believe that I still have that old income tax return ─ and maybe even a few before that? How's that for hoarding!

Apparently I was going to continue on after my trip to the U.I. offices, and hike out to the duplex unit that my younger brother Mark was renting in Surrey. He lived a fairly reasonable distance down Semiahmoo Road [Google map] from where it leads off from Old Yale Road.

I had very little in my room ─ an old and small black & white T.V. that relied upon its built-in antenna for reception was better than nothing. However, Mark had a colour T.V. with cablevision.

I know that "Cablevision" is more or less a trade name for a system that never existed out in this part of Canada, but it is nonetheless what we seemed to refer to T.V. with cable access.

Anyway, since I wrote no more into my journal that day, I likely spent the night at Mark's suite.
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