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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMRD) Prevention │ Three Major Canadian Internet Providers About to Hike Fees

My younger brother Mark had an early chiropractor appointment this morning, so he was rather prompt about calling off his T.V.-viewing last evening just after 11;00 p.m.

Heck, I think that I may have been in bed myself by 11:14 p.m. However, I initially found myself unexpectedly restless for a time ─ I suspect some of the cause may have been a near doubling in the amount of coffee that I normally consume over a day, whereas the other reason was some agitation of thought and imagination that I will not delve into now beyond saying that it related essentially to my marriage.

My initial block of sleep was quite good, for I was not awake enough to be curious about the time until something like 3:38 a.m.

When by 3:51 a.m. I was even more awake despite doing my best to find another stretch of sleep, I decided to just get up and get to work on the Siam-Longings post I am in the process of building ─ a severance of Internet service that stretched across the previous two mornings  prevented me from working on the website, one of my six hosted websites.

I put in what constitutes an average morning's supply of content, and then sought bed, for it was just after 7:00 a.m. by then. Mark emerged from his bedroom just before I had closed my bedroom door, so I bade him a "Good morning."

It was 7:06 a.m. once I was into my bed.

I remained there for over two hours, catching a decent enough nap, and rose to find that Mark was not yet back from his appointment.

I got back to work on the Siam-Longings post, and actually supplied yet another average morning's supply of content to the Siam-Longings post, endeavouring to make up for some of the lost time.

Mark had returned quite early into that second round of work.

My youngest stepson Poté is away to Whistler with his girlfriend and some others, so there is only his older brother Tho around.

After Tho got up, I heard him and Mark talking downstairs; and then a short time later Mark came upstairs and passed on $500 that Tho had given him towards the upcoming annual utilities payment we have to make by (I believe) April 2 ─ I don't recall the precise amount, but it is definitely well over $2,000.

Yesterday was Mark's final day of work ─ he is now a retiree. I learned from him that he was to sell ─ or had already sold ─ his large cargo work truck today of which he was owner / operator for a warehouse firm.

I asked him if he felt any tugs of emotion about parting with it after all the years he has spent in it. His response was that had he not a buyer for it, then he was going to dump it off at 99 Truck Parts for them to butcher or do whatever it is that they would do with it ─ that was the extent of any emotion he felt.

Mark hung around longer this afternoon then I anticipated, so after I had finished working on Siam-Longings due to the arrival of the noon-hour, I soon enough got around to deciding to tune in the first episode of an old documentary series I have yet to see ─ 1990's The Civil War.

And Mark got caught up in it, as I anticipated.

That carried us to around 3:00 p.m., which was late enough into the afternoon for him ─ he was finally going to take off and do whatever it is that he does when he leaves here on a Saturday. And normally he never returns until Sunday morning, for he usually spends Saturday nights at the home of his girlfriend Bev.

All that while, I had been wanting to get out to the backyard tool shed for some exercise ─ the day was mostly sunny, and quite mild. I was also hungry, for I do not like to breakfast until after exercising ─ any food in my stomach is risky, for there is considerable straining involved.

I don't need to be reopening a rupture of my abdominal wall that I incurred for the first time maybe 15 or more years ago. The problem spot is a couple or so inches just above my navel. That very thing did recur maybe eight or nine years ago when I attempted to do headstand press-ups after a meal at a Thai restaurant.

Now I am always most vigilant in practicing caution where any sort of potential outward strain may be involved in any physical activity I involve myself with.

It is always best to exercise with an empty stomach.

Anyway, once Mark left, I was to have my exercise delayed further by Tho ─ he wanted to discuss his willingness to help out financially as much as possible now that Mark has retired and will not longer have a large self-employment income.

Tho is desperate that we retain the house, and not sell it as Mark has threatened we would be doing for many many years now.

Although Mark and I are each half-owners of the house, Mark has the weight of ownership because he paid all of a $40,000 down payment.

Tho wants to make it as attractive and easy for Mark as he can. limiting Mark's financial involvement in the various ongoing payments that are made concerning the house.

Tho even talked of trying to take on all of Mark's share of the monthly mortgage payment.

Heck, he even ventured that he would like to send Mark and I to one of those Mexican resorts on an all-inclusive stay for a week.

It was warming to witness this level of apparent commitment from the young fella. My estimation of him has considerably risen.

I almost spoiled things by letting on about how I don't feel like I will achieve my 70th birthday if I am still living here as a hostage to his mother, and to him and his brother Poté, for this house has effectively become a debtors' prison where my life is concerned.

I cannot afford to do anything. I live here friendless and barely able to afford one or two beers in an evening here at home ─ to go out drinking is unthinkable.

Most of my monthly pension goes toward the mortgage. And since the mortgage is withdrawn from the joint chequing account I share with his mother ─ and into which my pension income is deposited ─ I have to live guardedly in my spending.

That final week before the mortgage is due can sometimes be harrowing for me.

This is not the retirement I ever imagined. I cannot even go walking for pleasure because of my reclusive nature ─ I am hemmed in for miles and miles in all directions by busy streets, endless homes and other buildings, and of course the people I have always so badly wanted to get away from.

Since at least the age of 14, I have yearned to live in a natural setting ─ not this burgeoning man-made nightmare that Greater Vancouver has become. I live in Surrey, but since I do not drive, I am ─ "to all intents and purposes" ─ housebound.

I often feel as if I am under house arrest.

I am 68 years old; but if this is all I am to know by the time my 70th birthday is approaching and heralding in that particular decade of my life, I want none of it.

"I didn't sign on for this." Had I foreseen this was ahead for me if I married my wife Jack, then I would not have done it.

She is not the village girl I knew. That girl is gone.

The new Jack does not even love me, and may well be involved with another man.

But enough. I shall only say that I held my tongue and never ventured into any of this with Tho.

One of the two biggest physical liabilities I have (that I am aware of) is my deteriorating vision.

I have not had my eyes checked since 1997, I think; but even then my poorest eye had finally qualified to be deemed "legally blind."

I am curious to know now if possibly I have any type of eye disease, such as age-related macular degeneration (ARMD).

I read an article today that anyone who is concerned about that specific disease could profit from perusing:


They say that knowledge is power, but having this sort of information is totally useless if  one's income does not allow the purchasing of these supplements.

I first became aware of astaxanthin back when I still had employment income (I retired in early April 2011), so I only began taking it for a short while and then discovered that the supplement was more than I could afford with my pension income.

Perhaps I am going to have to revisit that decision.

I would have my eyes checked, but why? If my life is coming to a close, what sense is there with bothering about it?

I have tried all of my adult life to win a major lottery prize, but naturally it never came my way ─ few ever do win, despite how it may seem with the way the media keeps heralding the various winners who do strike it rich.  

I don't have much respect for myself. I guess basically, I just do not feel that I am worth getting medical attention, except when something disastrous suddenly befalls me.

Since my teen years back in the 1960s, depression and thoughts of suicide have often been a big struggle for me. That sure hasn't changed.

But I want to drop this whole topic.

Let's return briefly to the topic of the Internet.

Mine was out for something like 35 hours ─ I estimate from about 1:45 a.m. early Thursday until around 12:45 p.m. during the noon-hour on Friday. 

This morning, I came across the following article:


So far my Shaw provider seems to be the only major player who has yet to abuse its customers. From what I can tell, they do not even police overuse of data.

So until I experience otherwise, I will stand by them. 

My evening is running on, so I am going to close now with this old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting the unit in a private home located on Ninth Street [Google map], and two houses up from Third Avenue.
THURSDAY, March 10, 1977

I slept ill, but didn't get up till 6:30 a.m. mainly due to the cold.

I had the laundromat entirely to myself this blue sky morning, and bought 3 comics (90¢).

I visited Woodward's later in the morning, seeing & speaking with Mike Schutz as he stood in line-up; he's collecting $2 less U.I. bi-weekly than I. I bought 1 lb. walnuts ($1.95).

Then I went to National Meats and bought $7.35 of beef liver (49¢ lb.).

It's remained mostly sunny so far, but rain is forecast for the night.

I've gotten a good beginning on a letter to Jean.

I'm heading for Mark's at a bit past 2:00 p.m.
And that's all I wrote that day. I undoubtedly spent the night at the duplex unit my younger brother Mark was renting in Surrey.

I would have walked there. And although I do not specifically recall the duplex's location, it was not terribly distanct down Semiahmoo Road [Google map] from where it takes off from Old Yale Road.

The laundromat I visited that morning was quite near the public library on Sixth Avenue ─ and Woodward's was in that vicinity, too.

Mike Schutz was a very likable guy, and I regret moving away and losing touch with him. He was my age, but very tall and lean.

Jean M. Martin (née Black) was a U.S. pen-pal I had back then.

To the present now ─ maybe I will have two cans of strong (8% alcohol) beer this evening while enjoying a movie that is yet to be determined.

I just found a notification from Google that it has created a quick (19-second) movie slideshow of some photos that were taken when my wife Jack recently took five family members from Thailand over to Bali, Indonesia to reunite with her two sons ─ oldest lad Tho cannot go to Thailand for military reasons, so Bali was the locale chosen.

I have been uploading photos from that Bali trip into a Google Plus album ─ there are a few hundred photos that were taken. I am even going to preface this post with a trip photo ─ it is a photo of the wife (Kam or Gam) of my wife's nephew, Mark.

I don't have time now to detail anything about the trip ─ I will simply close with the movie slideshow:

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